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“At Theatre503 we aim to offer encouragement and support to the broadest possible emerging writing community, building relationships that continue until, we hope, writers get programmed or they become ineligible by being programmed for full productions elsewhere. We want and need you to engage with us, and we aim to offer the best possible bespoke experience we can, but we also need you to make sure that Theatre503 is the right theatre for your work.”

Steve Harper, Literary Manager


Theatre503 is a 64 seat theatre above a pub dedicated solely to new and emerging writers who have not had a 3 week production anywhere in the world. We stage around 70 productions a year from 1 night work in progress showings to full length 3-week productions. Around 75% of our programmed work is in partnership with external companies as co-productions, and we produce 1-2 plays per year in-house (generally those associated with our International Playwriting Award and 503Five Writer Residency Scheme)

Plays being considered through the Literary Department are being done so for the purposes of building relationships with writers and offering a general level of support to the new writing community. Whilst writers and plays we discover through this work can end up being being programmed at Theatre503, this will almost always require an external producer and director.

If you have a producer for your project and are interested in approaching Theatre503 you can submit your play on the Programming webpage, where it will be considered by the programming team and assessed for its suitability.

Please see a guide to all our activities below. PLEASE NOTE: Do not submit through both the Literary Department and Programming channels. This will stop your play from being correctly processed and considered.

As  a writer you can engage with Theatre503 through numerous ways:  


Literary Department    

Script Submissions    

Writers’ Mailing List  

Writers’ Nights                    

Rapid Write Response    


International Playwriting Award

Wandsworth Writes


Writers Programme 



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One To One Dramaturgy



Short Runs

Full Length Runs




Theatre503 is dedicated to writers who …

  • have NOT had a three week production of a show that runs for more than 65 minutes, anywhere in the world.
  • have NOT had their work produced for two weeks or more in a major subsidised theatre/organisation including a national tour.
  • have limited international credits, where longer runs are not a part of another country’s theatre ecology.
  • have limited screen credits in TV/Film



  • We are interested in contemporary focused plays
  • We do NOT accept or read adaptations, musicals, biographical/historical plays without a clear contemporary aspect.
  • We can ONLY accept scripts from UK based writers, outside of the biennial International Playwriting Award.


You can ONLY submit a script to Theatre503 via our online portal

You can ONLY submit one script at a time

We may ONLY be able to read your play once, so please ensure it is ready for sharing

You can ONLY submit redrafts of plays if agreed with Literary Deptartment



  • Unsolicited scripts (open for submissions on the first weekend of every month – currently closed due to Playwriting Award)
  • Theatre503 International Playwriting Award (Biennial – currently open until 30 June 2024)
  • Rapid Write Response (For RWR to specific shows only)

 In all of the above categories, we are only interested in reading unproduced scripts from debut and emerging writers who meet the criteria detailed above.



We welcome enquiries, communication with and submissions from agents. These plays should also be sent using the script submission form, selecting the ‘Unsolicited’ drop down option

For further enquiries please email 



You will receive an automatic email receipt.

All plays go through a triage process to assess suitability to be read by Theatre503. This is done by the core Literary team.

Plays suitable for reading will be sent to two readers and we aim to read the play in two months. Please note any backlog or additional reading demands could mean this process is delayed.

Plays will be discussed at a monthly readers meeting. 

Writers will then be contacted and plays processed in a way suitable to the script’s reception.


We regret that we are unable to offer feedback as standard on all plays. However, we aim to communicate the outcome of the process concerning all submissions to writers, and some feedback, or ongoing communication may be embarked upon at the theatre’s discretion.



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