As part of our 503Studio launch we are now offering a year round 1-2-1 dramaturgy session to give detailed feedback on your full length script and its potential development.


Each session will involve one of the Theatre503 Literary team, or one of our roster of expert dramaturgs, having read and prepared notes and questions on the work, and these will be the foundation for the 2 hours. Whilst the exact format of each session will differ, you can expect to be asked in depth questions about your aims and objectives for the piece, detailed analysis of the content and applicable aspects of the craft and an open and honest discussion about the strengths of the piece, the areas that may require further development, and the process through which any further work may be approached.  

503Studio: 1-2-1 Dramaturgy sessions are offered all year round either online, or in person at Theatre503 – depending on your location and convenience. Once you have booked your place, we will be in touch with some suggested dates and times for your session with us, and to link you to our script portal.

We charge £125 for this service. However, our Share the Drama scheme means that we can offer bursaries to anyone who is long term unemployed/currently claiming benefits. We’re also widening this to include anyone who is struggling financially during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. Please fill out this form if you would like to apply for a Share the Drama place.


Why are you charging for this service?

It mainly covers the costs of our part time freelance team to be able to spend 3 hours reading your script, and 2 hours giving you feedback. There is also the cost of administering the 1-2-1 Dramaturgy service all year round. Anyone who cannot cover these costs, please do get in touch to discuss our Share the Drama scheme.

How is this different from your unsolicited script reading process?

The 1-2-1 dramaturgy session is a conversation, not a one-way street of notes – where your input is equally valuable. That way we can gain a better understanding of your intentions and motives, and you can respond to notes – to question and clarify in the moment. We need to hear and involve you, as script development needs to be collaboration to achieve the best results. 

Our unsolicited script reading system means anyone can submit a script and have it read for free. However, as we receive more than 2,000 scripts and programming proposals a year, it can take up to 6 months to get a response and we are unable to give detailed feedback on those scripts.

If I book a place, does this mean you’ll view my script more favourably?

It’s very important to us that any decision around taking a script forward to consideration for a programming/full production is separate from any of our paid services as part of the 503Studio. We may recommend and/or signpost next steps but we cannot offer anything else.

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