We  launch more first-time writers than any other theatre in the UK. At the heart of this commitment lies our belief that writers only learn their craft by being supported on every step of their creative journey. We aim:

1. To be a home for new writers
2.To be a launchpad for emerging companies
3.To provide opportunities for the local community
4.To ensure every person in the area has a chance to be part of our theatre and work
5. To find those voices we have not yet heard

We are passionately committed to providing a launchpad for new writers and supporting the companies that make this work happen to ensure the highest quality reflected on our theatre. Our stage is often the first time someone takes that professional step up as a writer, director and producer. We support their development with a wealth of experience from our team and the brilliant people we have met and worked with.

In the last 18 months 169 new writers have had their work performed on our stage, with 3 West End Transfers, an Olivier Award and 2 national tours. 1629 scripts were submitted from 52 countries for our international playwriting award. Another 423 submissions for our 503Five Writers’ Development Scheme. Around 600 unsolicited and 200 Rapid Write Response pieces are also submitted. Every play is read and responded to.

We do all of this without regular public subsidy, having to raise 1/3 of our income and all our production and project costs every year.

We want to do more. There are so many more exciting voices out there, who want to be heard and we can give them that opportunity.

Volunteers and Supporters

Theatre503 would not be successful without the amazing support we receive from our dedicated team of volunteers:

Kelly Agredo, Rosie Akerman, Chidimma Chukwu, Serafina Cusack, Rahim Dhanji, Bethany Doherty, Mark Doherty, Rob Ellis, Fabienne Gould, James Hansen, Tess Hardy, Tom Hartwell, Ken Hawes, Joanna Lallay, George Linfield, Nicole Marie, Charlotte Mulliner, Mike Murgaz, Mandy Nicholls, Annabel Pemberton, Damian Robertson, Larner Taylor, Andrei Vornicu, Danielle Wilson, Alice Mason, Simon Mander, Celia Garcia, Chidi Chukwu, Dominic Jones, Elena Valentine, Funto Ojumu, Imogen Robertson, Isla Coutler, Jim Manneruing, Joe Akerman, Kyle Forman, Lucy Atkins, Lucy Grudniewicz, Maya Kirtley, Mike Bale, Mike Mcgarry, Nicole Bartlett, Reeta Sood, Rhiannon Savell, Stuart Quinn, Tobias Chapple, Valeria Bello, Valeria Carboni, Valeria Montesano, Vanessa Garcia, Anna Middlemass, Kirsten Pouckmaster, Nathalie Czarnecki Rob Ellis, Emily Jones, Celia Lily, Emma Griffiths, Asha Osborne and Aydan Tair.

We are incredibly grateful to the following who have supported us recently without whom our work would not be possible:

The Harold Hyman Wingate Foundation, The Schroder Charity Trust, The Boris Karloff Foundation, The Idelwild Trust, Cockayne Grants for the Arts, The Peter Wolff Trust, The Sylvia Waddilove Foundation, The Thistle Trust, The Unity Theatre Trust, The Williams Trust, The Audience Club, M&G Investments, Barbara Broccoli, Wandsworth Council, Arts Council England Grants for the Arts, all our Friends and Point of Sale Donors.

We are currently in receipt of funding from Arts Council England’s Catalyst Evolve fund – allowing us to grow our fundraising capacity by match funding income from new donors until July 2019.

Particular thanks to the Richard Carne Trust for their generous support of our Playwriting Award and 503 Five