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Script Submission Guidelines

Theatre503 are committed to being a writer-centric producing house, a space open and accessible to all new writers, and as such we welcome new, un-produced theatre scripts from all sources.

In keeping with this ethos we refuse to put restrictions on who can submit new plays to us, what form they may take and what content they contain. However, Theatre503 welcome scripts on the understanding that initial assessment and reading of all plays is undertaken in the interests of the theatre and not, in the first instance, the development interests of all writers.

Theatre503 aims to be open, efficient and honest in their communication with all writers and a full and detailed explanation of the process through which all scripts are assessed is detailed below.

There will be scripts that we feel, for any number of reasons, are not of interest to the theatre, but rather than undermine the freedom of writers to submit their script to us, we would prefer that decision to be made by the theatre, and although we are unable to enter into communication concerning the reasons behind those decisions, we would encourage all writers to see this, not as a judgment on their work, but as a decision made in light of the specific conditions and interests of Theatre503 at any given time.

If we fail to respond to the quality of your work in the first instance, the onus of that decision falls very much on us, and all writers are free to submit other work as they see fit in the future, including redrafts of plays already read, if agreed with the Literary Department prior to re-submission.

We would ask that writers submit only one script at a time. This is in the interests of ensuring a fair assessment of your work.

We would also encourage writers to be creative in building their relationships with the theatre, engaging with other initiatives we may offer, and communicating with us beyond the confines of the ‘unsolicited’ script system.

Please note we no longer accept scripts in hard copy form, please follow this link to upload your script via the on-line submission form. If for whatever reason this is not possible, please contact to make alternative arrangements. Any scripts received outside of these guidelines will not be considered.