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Literary Department

Theatre503 is one of London’s premiere new writing theatres, an Olivier Award winning producing house that creates work, sources work and establishes and supports creative relationships within the industry for writers, directors and producers.

Theatre503 is committed to being an open, writer-centric, new writing and ‘second look’ producing house. We have been producing ground breaking and award winning new writing as Theatre503 since 2007, and prior to that The Latchmere Theatre has had a long and established history within the theatrical landscape.

It is Theatre503’s aim to find, nurture and support writers from all ages and backgrounds. We offer a multitude of opportunities for new writers, for the most part stage focused, but also aim to support and develop writers in an individually tailored fashion, dependent on each writer’s requirements, the resources at our disposal, and at the theatre’s discretion.

All writer initiatives run by Theatre503 are part of our Foundations programme, full details of which can be found under the Events & Opportunities Section.

The Literary Department aims to have an open and efficient communication with writers at all stages of their careers. We receive up to 2000 scripts per year from both established and unknown playwrights as well as engaging with writers through numerous other initiatives. We treat any contact writers and all the work we receive with the utmost importance, and aim to respond to all those who submit work.

The Literary Department works with a two-tier panel of experienced script-readers comprised of a broad spectrum of theatre practitioners.

Plays are initially assessed by two members of the Introductory Reader’s panel, before recommended work is passed to our Senior Reading panel. We aim to keep all writers informed as to the stage at which their work is at in the system.