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Written by Rhia Burston
Directed by Charlotte Cattrall
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Woebegone tells the story of 3 young women, reunited by their downfalls and torn apart by the disturbing reality of how dangerous being a woman can be. Shining a light on the devastating realities that women face and confronting the political and social reactions that often sweep these tragedies under the carpet whilst exploring the complexities of female friendships, the love, the joy and the frustrations.

Amy, Dani and Joy are all trying – really trying – to navigate a world that isn’t built for them whilst battling with the frustrations of friendship and adulthood. After time apart, Dani returns from her wreckless travels to the student home of Joy and Amy where they once spent years together but this time things are different. Joy, a full-time training lawyer, and Amy, a full-time primary school teacher, have left the days of sleepless nights for stability but Dani is having a hard time letting go and is afraid of being left behind.
What happens next, nothing could have prepared them, and we see Dani and Amy forced to put their arguments and past behind when confronted with a life-changing tragedy.

Up Yours is a new theatre company, born in the North (northern and proud), dedicated to creating dynamic, raw and bold theatre. Born out of COVID, I held a festival to showcase northern talent and celebrate artists in a time of discomfort. Now, we’ve learnt that out of discomfort, beautiful things can happen – and that’s where our journey begins.

Our goal is to create stories of voices we don’t often get to hear with talented artists that we don’t always see in this industry, all the while keeping collaboration at the heart of what we do.

Running time: 80 minutes (no interval)

Age guidance: 12+

Content Warnings: This show contains themes that some audience members may find distressing. If this sounds like it could apply to you, you can view the content information by clicking the hyperlink.

Rhia Burston

Rhia Burston is a northern working-class actor, award winning writer and producer, who specialises in telling uncovered stories to insight real change and conversation through working collaboratively with artists. Rhia is a soon to be graduate of BA Acting at the Guildford School of Acting, and the winner of the Sir John Gielgud Award of 2023 as an award for her talent and rigor. She has been working as a theatre maker across the nation for the last few years, and is the founder and artistic director of Up Yours, specialising in telling stories and providing opportunities for working class artists. Winning the Producer's Choice Award for 'Woebegone' in July 2023, Rhia's writing holds a naturalistic, raw and poignant voice, unafraid of challenge and unapologetically real, which explores the reality of the world we're living and allows the audience to see their unspoken thoughts to be spotlighted on stage.


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Artistic Team
Rhia Burston
Charlotte Cattrall
Olivia Woolhouse
Ellie Carroll
Rhia Burston
Max Race

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