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Mulling Over Productions in association with Theatre503 presents

The Erebus Project

Written by Grant Atkins
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£10 Adult Standard

RUNNING TIME: 60 Minutes

What if we could prove life beyond death? The Erebus Project requires a terminally ill patient, but who would volunteer away their dying days? Finding humour amongst grief and sentiment within conflict, The Erebus Project will make you think carefully about the light at the the end of the tunnel.

Sam, a young and eager scientist, believes his new invention has the potential to reach beyond death. Can Sam persuade local patient Rory to become his first subject? Rory’s daughter, Beth, isn’t keen on the idea and her Doctor needs some convincing.
Sam must bring them all around if he is to succeed with his experiment.

Grant Atkins

Grant Atkins has written and produced documentary films, short stories, screenplays and has directed music videos and short films. Based in sunny Brighton, he is currently increasing his portfolio of written work, to include a sci-fi novel and a new play, whilst trying to stop his cat, Maggie, from sleeping on his laptop all the time.


Artistic Team
Grant Atkins
Sarah Campbell
Kim Wright
Cai Dale
Kevin Cherry
The Erebus Project
Posted on 16 May 2018

This is an engaging, interesting, disturbing, provocative piece of theatre.

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