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Written by Safiyah Zanabi
Directed by Ché Walker
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Two young temps imagine what they’ll do when they leave their temporary jobs, and wonder what really goes on upstairs at the mysterious corporation they work for.
As their ‘temporary’ situations begin to feel inescapably permanent, Alia and Nora start to rebel, in their own small ways, against the randomness of their fates and the randomness of their economic situations.
Have they been putting their faith in ‘bullshit’ things, and can they find a way to put their faith in each other?

Alia is painfully open hearted and optimistic. We meet her when she has just moved to London to pursue her career as a singer. She ‘won’t be here for long’ she announces on her first day temping, as she will ‘hopefully’, ‘touch wood’ be famous any day now.
But her looming debt, the tedium of the everyday, and loneliness begin to erode Alia’s hope. Her superstitions become compulsive; her fatalism begins to paralyse her.
Nora has been temping at the office for longer than Alia, ‘a couple of months’ or ‘maybe a bit longer’, she can’t remember. Nora is leaving soon too, though. She wants to go away, but something is holding her back. She is irritated by Alia’s delusional view of the world and just wants to write her post-it notes in peace. But something about Alia’s hope punctures Nora’s lonely existence, forcing Nora to confront her own secret despair.

Zanabi Productions was founded by Safiyah Zanabi whilst at university.
She has produced work at the Burton Taylor Studio, Oxford Playhouse, Edinburgh Fringe and recently a fully funded short film, Fear Itself, also written by Safiyah Zanabi.

Running time: 80 minutes (no interval)

Age guidance: 14+

Content Warnings: This show contains themes that some audience members may find distressing. If this sounds like it could apply to you, you can view the content information by clicking the hyperlink.

Safiyah Zanabi

Safiyah is an Algerian / British writer and performer based in London. Her writing has been performed at RADA studios, the Oxford Playhouse, Burton Taylor Studios, London Fringe venues and the Edinburgh Fringe.
She recently graduated from an MA in Text & Performance at RADA and Birkbeck where she was taught by writer and dramaturg Paul Sirett who continues to work as a dramaturg on her work. Before her MA, she read Philosophy and Theology at Oxford.
Her Muslim background has added to her interest in writing about faith and exploring existential questions in her work.


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Artistic Team
Safiyah Zanabi
Ché Walker
Lola Gabellini-Fava
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Florence Guy
Safiyah Zanabi

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