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Written by Ivo de Jager
Directed by Sabrina Giles
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Sigmund and Christian meet, and slot together like puzzle pieces. Their friends don’t understand, but that’s fine. They only need each other. Aching for an impossible closeness, and in thrall to morbid passions, they decide to push their relationship past a final, irreversible boundary.

Ivo de Jager

Ivo de Jager is completing an MFA in Writing for the Stage and Broadcast Media at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. As a gay man with body issues, a shaky sense of national identity, depression, and a hole in the heart, he grew up feeling alienated from the world around him and found solace in media featuring themes and characters that made him feel understood. It's his ambition to create work that speaks to others and shines a light on forgotten or ignored aspects of the human experience.

He won the first prize in Belgian newspaper Le Soir's 2008 short comic competition. His short play Dante's Limbo was performed at the Y Theatre in Leicester and at the Bread and Roses by KLiC Theatre in 2015. The same year, he was commissioned by Leicester City Council to write a new play as part of their Story of Parks initiative. The resulting show, The Finest Ruin, premiered in July 2016 at the Y Theatre, and will be revived at the Y in September 2017.

Sweetmeat is a deeply personal work five years in the making and Sweetmeat's team hopes to take it to further venues after the Edinburgh Fringe.


Artistic Team
Ivo de Jager
Sabrina Giles
Sabrina Giles
Sound, Tech
Matt Farrugia
Sam Parkinson
Bradley Thomas
Enter, Stage Left: Ivo de Jager
Posted on 9 May 2017

Ivo de Jager is one of the most intriguing dramatists whom I have the pleasure of working with. His writing is edgy, dark, compelling and contagious. Making his debut at both The Brighton Fringe and The Edinburgh Fringe this summer, he is certainly an artist to keep an eye on, and I will personally give £10 to anyone who can think of a fandom title as clever as The Cumberbitches.

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