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Written by Gabriel Fogarty-Graveson
Directed by Ben Purkiss
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When Alex goes to the toilet in a small-town pub, trying to pluck up the courage to propose to his girlfriend, he meets Liam, who seems well at home in these grim surroundings. Liam, struggling with addiction and money troubles, has never left the claustrophobic town that birthed him. He’s lost everything, if he ever had it. Alex, in a tight suit and the pride of a job in Canary Wharf, seems like he has everything. However, as Liam begins to draw Alex into his world, a dark truth begins to unravel.

The play is based in a fictional small city on the outskirts of London. Looking at how the lifestyle in a smaller place so close to the busy hub of the capital can affect relationships and individuals’ lives. Exploring issues of gambling and drug addictions, as well as the consequences of toxic masculinity, the show itself is not trying to be pretty or nice. It is set in the disgusting and partly broken toilet of the local pub, a description that could be shared with the two main characters. Their lives are messy and complicated in completely different ways, but as the play progresses, we begin to discover they may not be as separate as we initially think. 

Make It Beautiful Theatre Company is a London-based collective with a passion for dark comedy. MIB also have a passion for european-theatre and aim to put it in the work they do, especially as they themselves studied the Vakhtangov technique in Moscow a few years ago. Since touring their 5-star hit show The CO-OP, their improv show the Dream Machine, and working on a rural horror-play at the Norwich Theatre, they’re now focusing on their new passion project: Sniff. 


This show contains themes that some audience members may find distressing. If this sounds like it could apply to you, you can view content information here.

Run time: approx. 60 mins

Gabriel Fogarty-Graveson

Gabriel Fogarty-Graveson, from St Albans, is a writer, theatre-maker and actor. He studied at Drama Centre, where he formed Make It Beautiful Theatre Company with fellow students. Since then, he has written and starred in a number of productions including the 5-star show The CO-OP, Out of Time - during a residency at OBRA Theatre Company in the south of France, Our Little Life at the Black Box Studio in Slovenia and The Hanging Gibbet at Norwich Theatre. Gabriel wrote this play to shine an important light on those who remain in their small home towns, whilst others take the plunge and move to London.


Artistic Team
Gabriel Fogarty-Graveson
Ben Purkiss
Ben Purkiss
Gabriel Fogarty-Graveson
Felix Grainger

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