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Pink Rabbit

Written by Farah Ashraf
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A fiery Pakistani teenager leads a double life – hiding her secret as a webcam girl from her strict mother – but what happens when her ‘halal’ good Muslim persona is discovered to be a sham.

Amna longs for the teenage dream – spicy hookups, scandalous parties, being Instagram famous; but with a traditional Pakistani mum always trying to ‘control’ her, can never seem to reach it. Feeling like, ‘no one wants to date the brown girl’ she finds herself on Omegle one night, intrigued with toying with older men, she delves into the world of online sex webcams. Pink Rabbit is more than just a teenager’s coming of age story – it’s a powerful poetic piece about the push and pull that children of immigrants feel in Britain – internal struggles with being Muslim and external struggles with Islamaphobia; fearing racists but also fearing judgement from the Pakistani community; desiring men’s approval whilst being disgusted by the male gaze. A British Pakistani daughter and a Pakistani Pakistani mother.

Pink Rabbit came about as a 5 minute scratch piece during my 3rd year Actor training at Oxford School Of Drama – ‘sex’ and ‘south asian’ isn’t a thematic pairing I come across a lot in theatre, so I decided to develop the short comedic piece into a full length one woman show – rhyming from start to end. Unapologetic, full of heart and shamelessly addressing the best and worst parts of my cultural background, Pink Rabbit marks my professional debut as a theatrical producer and writer.

Running time: 60 minutes

Age guidance: 16+

Content Warnings: This show contains themes that some audience members may find distressing. If this sounds like it could apply to you, you can view the content information by clicking the hyperlink.

Farah Ashraf

Farah Ashraf (She/Her), a queer woman and passionate Pakistani writer, actor and spoken word artist. Her love of artistic expression has transcended from her rural Punjabi village upbringing to discovering her sexuality through dance to formally training in Acting at Oxford School Of Drama (grad. 2023). As a poet, she has performed at Genesis Cinema (If Tits Could Talk), Tina We Salute You (Spambo Creative Mixer) and at several open mic events. She is delighted in making her professional debut as a playwright and producer with Pink Rabbit at Theatre503, a spoken word one woman show, where poetic rhythm is the language that brings cultures together. Farah is determined to shine light on stories that steer away from the stereotype when it comes to South Asian and Muslim women and educate, enlighten as well as uplift through her writing, delving into the uncomfortable to truly provide light to the stories experienced by those usually without a voice. Her work goes from being bawdy and boisterous in its satirical comedic tones to setting the room alight with flames through her infectious heartfelt delivery and brave baring of the human soul.


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Artistic Team
Farah Ashraf
Director & Dramaturg
Alessandro Babalola
Assistant Directo
Madison Stock
Dramaturg and Past Creative Support
Beth Taylor
Farah Ashraf

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