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Edfringe Preview: Minor Distruptions

Written by Katie Paterson
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Something’s gone wrong in the way we talk about childhood. Was it really a simpler time, innocent and carefree? There were rules that didn’t make any sense, feelings that were too big, the overwhelming fear that there might just be something wrong with you and above all there was boredom – right?

This is a show that explores what childhood actually felt like, not how we want to believe it felt. In place of a traditional story is a rollercoaster of experiences, from the hilarious to the horrifying. Katie blows her whistle, and you close your eyes. And when you open them, she’s doing something else – playing a game, singing a song, trying to tell a story while being covered in suncream and inflating a dinghy. Every show is different, with a party atmosphere of absolute silliness and good-natured audience participation – the only person at risk of humiliation is Katie!

First developed at Mountview, before successful runs at Maiden Speech Festival and the Drayton Arms Theatre, Katie Paterson’s Minor Disruptions piles comedy and autobiography awkwardly on top of each other to excavate the queerness of a ‘normal’ childhood. Influenced by queer theory, clowning and feminist autobiographical practice, Katie works to stage stories and ideas on their own terms, rather than dramatising them in a ‘straight’ play.

“If you want to have your spirits lifted, I recommend you spend half an hour with Katie Paterson”- London Pub Theatres

Katie Paterson

Katie Paterson is a multidisciplinary performer and writer trained at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and the University of Birmingham. ‘Minor Disruptions’ is her first show as writer/performer, and she recently shared the beginnings of the next one at The Pleasance as part of Kiss My Scratch. Katie has performed her poetry across London and been published in Porridge Magazine, alongside freelance work as an actor, singer and producer.


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Katie Paterson

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