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Can’t make it to 503? We’ve got you covered…watch Mathilde Dratwa’s dazzlingly theatrical debut play from wherever you are in the world, as part of our commitment to widen access to our work.

It’s election night 2016. An entire country holds its breath. Except for Vera, who has to focus on breathing. That’s what everyone keeps telling her: breathe, breathe, breathe. She’s in the hospital, giving birth to a baby boy – and she has no idea that America just lost its mind.

Over the course of one seemingly unending year, tensions mount between Vera and her second-wave feminist mother, she struggles to connect physically with her husband, and her friendship with her Syrian-American best friend Amira falters. In this surreal and fragmented play mimicking the experience of sleep-deprived new parents, the personal and the political spheres collide to push Vera to the point of exhaustion. Raising a magnifying glass to the experience of being a new mother under Trump, Milk and Gall explores the terror of the mundane. While everyone else is out marching, Vera’s at home stuck to a breast pump.

2018 Theatre503 International Playwriting Award finalist Mathilde Dratwa holds up a microscope to the experience of being a new mother under Trump. It is directed by Theatre503’s Artistic Director, Lisa Spirling.

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