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Written by Philip Wharam and Tim Marriott
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A powerful exposition of one of the most notorious war criminals of all time. Dr Josef Mengele, the infamous doctor of Auschwitz, avoided prosecution after the Second World War and escaped to South America, where he lived a full life. This provocative newdrama imagines him on the beach, where he ultimately had a stroke whilst swimming, and sees him brought ashore by an enigmatic local woman, who cajoles, questions and finally confronts him. The play was originally created with close advice and support from the Holocaust Educational Trust.


About Smokescreen Productions

Mengele is created by a team that are rapidly establishing a reputation for impact theatre tackling contemporary issues in association with national charities. Previous productions include Shell Shock (one man’s journey through PTSD) developed in conjunction with the NHS and Combat Stress, The Twelfth Disciple (the interrogation of a 21st century Judas) in support of Freedom from Torture and Snared (a conservation drama) in association with the Born Free Foundation.

Philip Wharam and Tim Marriott

Philip and Tim are two of 21 writers featuring as part of our Edinburgh Preview Season


Artistic Team
Philip Wharam and Tim Marriott
Author of 'Right to Live'
Philip Wharam
Production Manager
Cat Alchin
Harry Farmer
Dr. Josef Mengele
Tim Marriott
Emma Zadow

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