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Italy Uncovered – 10mg

Written by Maria Teresa Berardelli
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A sharp, disarmingly astute comment on the world of pharmaceuticals and wellbeing. With its rhythmic, paired down dialogue, 10 mg explores an apparently stable family as a metaphor for dependence.

10 mg was a finalist for the Hystrio Prize, where it was awarded an Honourable Mention.

10mg is written by Maria Teresa Berardelli, translated by Edward Fortes and directed by Kate O’Connor

Italy Uncovered

Italy Uncovered brings a new generation of Italian playwrights to the UK, with rehearsed readings of 5 very different, surprising new plays.

No pizza, no pasta, no ciao bella: Italian playwriting has undergone a renaissance in recent years, with a host of writers exploring contemporary Italian society with captivating stories as well as formal and stylistic innovation.

Join us for two revelatory evenings, as Italy Uncovered shows you a different side to this marvellous, contradictory, turbulent country

See the other plays as part of Italy Uncovered:

Sunday 17 November

Lost by Greta Cappellett, 6pm
10 mg by Maria Teresa Berardelli, 7.30pm
For Your Own Good by Pier Lorenzo Pisano, 9pm

Monday 18 November

In The Woods by Carlotta Corradi, 7.45pm
Variations on Kraepelin’s Model by Davide Carnevali, 9pm

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Uncovering Italy: Q&A with Writers & Translators, Monday 18 Nov 7pm 

with Carlotta Corradi, Greta Cappelletti, Pier Lorenzo Pisano, Edward Fortes, Valentina Marconi & the Italy Uncovered team.

Meet the writers and translators behind Italy Uncovered to talk about at how these plays fit into a wider resurgence of playwriting in Italy, the challenges and joys of working in translation, and what dialogue with foreign playwrights can do for British theatre.

Maria Teresa Berardelli

Maria Teresa Berardelli graduated from the Silvio D’Amico National Academy of Dramatic Art in 2008. In 2009 she won the Riccione/Tondelli Prize for her debut play, Sterile. Since then her work has been several awards, including the 6th Edition of Fersen Prize.


Artistic Team
Maria Teresa Berardelli
Edward Fortes
Kate O'Connor

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