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Improvised Therapy

Written by The Barry, Brian & Bean Company
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Feeling down in the dumps? Is your life slowly falling apart? Have you completely and utterly lost the will? No? Well, we have. We’re Doctors Barry, Brian and Bean, and we’ll be your (un)qualified therapists for the evening. This session will include: extreme paranoia, daddy issues, fake doctors, no actual medicinal help, improvised chaos, self-deprecation and lots of unfulfilled expectations. If this session sounds like it’ll be of absolutely no help to you, fantastic. That’s all part of the treatment.

Improvised Therapy is an absurdist comedy exploring the weight of people’s problems and how to live when you’ve lost the will. The show explores people’s relationships to their problems and why so much value is placed on the little things. Commenting on masculine dominated workplaces, the power of isolation and the heaviness of the world that can come to weigh on your shoulders, the clients may not be the only ones in need of some help.


The Barry, Brian & Bean Company

The Barry, Brian & Bean Company consists of emerging artists Rachel Barry, Niamh O’Brian and Nina Levy. The absurdist comedy troupe was founded when the three theatre makers met at Goldsmiths University. The company is built on a foundation of laughter, madness, social awareness and the attitude of giving things a go in the name of entertainment. With strong connections to the Liverpool Everyman Theatre and the National Youth Theatre, the performers are well versed in how to make fascinating pieces that leave you questioning just what exactly is going on.


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Artistic Team
The Barry, Brian & Bean Company
Stage Manager
Molly O'Neill
Lighting Designer
Jemima Rose
Sound Designer
Lily Woodford-Lewis
Rachel Barry
Niamh O'Brien
Nina Levy

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