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Produced by BlackFest and Theatre503 in association with Tamasha

Hear Me Now

A Festival from the book Hear Me Now

Curated by Titilola Dawudu

Written by Various
Book Now

LoveSexIdentityAmbition is a weeklong festival of monologues taken from the book ‘Hear Me Now’ Audition Monologues for Actors of Colour, co-created and edited with Tamasha Theatre, and published by Oberon Books.

Each night the audience is invited to participate in discussions with a dynamic and engaging host around the stories women of colour are being told in the theatre, and how many more stories there are still left to tell.

Writers in the festival include Femi Keeling (2017 BBC Writers’ Room alumna and member of the Orange Tree Writers Collective), Rabuah Hussain (whose 4-star debut play ‘Spun’ is being adapted as a TV series for Wall to Wall) and Guleraana Mir (Offie nominated playwright and one half of The Thelmas).


Hear Me Now Free Sheet





‘A Consecrated Love’ by Mr Ekow

‘Don’t Say Anything’ by Ayesha Manazir Siddiqi

‘Free’ by Tuyen Do

‘Rekha’ by Safaa Benson-Effiom



‘Going to Paris’ by Ayesha Manazir Siddiqi

‘I Dream Of Drake’ by Tara Alexis

‘Naughty Boy’ by Femi Keeling



‘Nobody’s Nose’ by Ayesha Manazir Siddiqi

‘Tits’ by Rabiah Hussain



‘A Mountain to Climb’ by Yasmeen Khan

‘A Thousand Hours’ by Mina Barber

‘Just One More Time’ by Guleraana Mir

‘Nashville’ by Rabiah Hussain

‘No Thigh Gaps Allowed’ by Titilola Dawudu

‘Standing Ovation’ by Titilola Dawudu

‘The N Word’ by Titilola Dawudu


Titilola Dawudu is a writer, producer and editor.

She is a trustee for Theatre Centre and is an Associate Writer for Beyond Face, Plymouth. Her work has been performed at Theatre Royal Plymouth, Theatre Royal Arojah, Nigeria, Soho, the Bush, and the Arcola, with a recent commission with Theatre Peckham. Titilola is part of the Black Women in Theatre team behind the iconic #WeAreVisible photoshoot of over 250 black womxn at the Globe Theatre in July.

She co-created and edited ‘Hear Me Now Audition Monologues for Actors of Colour’ with Tamasha, published by Oberon Books with Volume Two in development.

Writers: Titilola Dawudu, Femi Keeling, Rabiah Hussain, Guleraana Mir, Mr Ekow, Ayesha Manazir Siddiqi, Tuyen Do, Safaa Benson-Effiom, Tara Alexis, Yasmeen Khan and Mina Barber


Artistic Team
4 Feb - Director
Jessica Kalissa
4 Feb - Host
Koko Brown
5 Feb - Director
Priscilla Lafayette
5 Feb - Host
Amerah Selah
6 Feb - Director
Jubeda Khatun
6 Feb - Host
Bukola Garry
7 Feb - Director
Garen Abel Unokan
7 Feb - Host
Tobi Kyeremateng
8 Feb - Director
Tanuja Amarasuriya
8 Feb - Host
Zeddie Lawal
8 Feb (7.30pm) - Director
Balisha Karra
8 Feb (7.30pm) - Host
Roshni Goyate
Cast - 4 Feb
Chinwe Nwokolo
Cast - 4 Feb
Adele Oni
Cast - 4 Feb
Safiyya Ingar
Cast - 4 Feb
Maya Pillay
Cast - 5 Feb
Annice Boparai
Cast - 5 Feb
Aasiya Shah
Cast - 5 Feb
Doxah Dzidor
Cast - 5 Feb
Peace Oseyenum
Cast - 6 Feb
Leah Francis
Cast - 6 Feb
Abbie Harding
Cast - 6 Feb
Beatrice Cavicchioni
Cast - 7 Feb
Janet Kamara
Cast - 7 Feb
Stephanie Stevens
Cast - 7 Feb
Kavita Vyas
Cast - 8 Feb (3pm)
Modupe Salu
Cast - 8 Feb (3pm)
Sarah Merrifield
Cast - 8 Feb (3pm)
Devashrie de Silva
Cast - 8 Feb (3pm)
Subika Anwar-Khan
Cast - 8 Feb (7.30pm)
Tosin Alabi
Cast - 8 Feb (7.30pm)
Raagni Sharma
Cast - 8 Feb (7.30pm)
Humaira Iqbal
Cast - 8 Feb (7.30pm)
Francesca Amewudah-Rivers

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