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EXAMPLE: One to Three Night Run – Gone

Written by Megan Jenkins
Directed by Megan Jenkins
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RUNNING TIME / NOTICES: 70mins (no interval) / Production contains flashing lights

When a child vanishes without a trace from a stretch of remote woodland, the local community is ripped apart. Years later, and with closure not an option, Lewis can still feel the tug of a little hand at his elbow, Catherine still can’t sleep and absolutely no-one lights candles in their windows.

An epic thriller, Gone explores storytelling, brutality and loss through a series of interweaving narratives that span thirty years.

Original Impact formed in 2016. They are a performance collective that combine dynamic physicality and music to achieve a unique, multi-sensory experience. A female led ensemble company bringing bold ideas, touching on taboo subjects, and looking at narratives that shape our origins and leave an impact.

Megan Jenkins

Megan trained at The MTA as an actor but quickly fell into writing. Her 2016 debut, A Working Title, was nominated for the Best Newcomer Award at Manchester Fringe. In 2017, she became an associate writer for Original Impact. In 2018, she joined Red Fox Theatre as company director and playwright. Catch of The Day, her first piece for Red Fox, was shortlisted for Best Musical at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe. Her upcoming play, Nostos, is currently being developed; supported by The Peggy Ramsay Foundation.


Artistic Team
Megan Jenkins
Megan Jenkins
Assistant/Movement Director
Lily Dyble
Lighting Designer/Stage Manager
Gabriella Bland
Sound Designer
Scott Williams
Alexandria Anfield
Emma Farrow
Will Henry
Dinos Psychogios
Katie Turner
Elicia Moon Murphy
James Russell-Morley

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