Cut the Cord in association with Theatre503 presents...

Endless Second

Written by Theo Toksvig-Stewart
Directed by Camilla Gürtler
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RUNNING TIME / NOTICES: 90mins (no interval) 

On the first day of their drama degree, W and M are thrown together as scene partners. Their relationship soon progresses in a romantic haze of young love with all the usual ceremonies; meeting the families; going away together. They support each other through the stresses of their studies. They listen to each other. They respect each other.

But on a night out in second year, drinks pour, and W gets drunk. M takes W back to her house, helps her undress and tucks her into bed, a ritual which is familiar to her. Only this time it’s different.

In the fallout that follows, W struggles to process what has happened to her. M is kind, generous and considerate to her. He loves her, and she loves him. The man she loves couldn’t do something like this.

Endless Second is a play about consent within a relationship and examines how perpetrators can take responsibility for their actions. It challenges how we perceive ourselves and explores how acceptance can lead to reconciliation.

Cut the Cord is a London-based theatre company focusing on new writing and international collaborations in the UK, particularly Scandinavian. They explore social issues through bold visual narratives and movement, questioning what it means to be human.

Theo Toksvig-Stewart

Theo is an English-Danish writer who trained as an actor at the Drama Centre London. This production with Cut the Cord is Theo’s first fully produced work.


Artistic Team
Theo Toksvig-Stewart
Camilla Gürtler
Cut the Cord Theatre
Fay Summerfield
Madeleine Gray
Theo Toksvig-Stewart

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