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Elsie Thatchwick

Written by Skye Lourie
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“Maybe there’s a reason your mum doesn’ay want ye tae meet him, maybe he’s a dobber who is’nay worth your time” 

Elsie Thatchwick is a coming of age comedy drama set in 1997 Glasgow. It focuses on events following 17 year-old Elsie’s discovery of her father who up until this point, she didn’t know existed. After seeking the advice from her eclectic mix of Scottish comrads, Elsie takes the bus from Glasgow to Manchester. When she finally gets to meet her father, it is not at all what she expected. Skye Lourie plays the title Elsie, while Graeme Dalling plays all 24 others, weaving seamlessly between them all.

Elsie Thatchwick is full of Scottish humour and depicts the life of proper working class Scots in the 90s. All wittily narrated by Elsie, the audience is brought along with her on her journey of discovery and we are all as shocked with the revealing of her father as she is. The play is about growing up, about the relationships we form and the decisions we are forced to take and our extraordinary ability to empathise even when we can’t understand.

Blue Plaque House is a theatre and production company founded in 2018 by April Robinson, Skye Lourie and Roisin Kelly.  We focus on new writing, collaborations and unusual story-telling. Up and coming projects include “Bathroom sessions” at the Courtyard Theatre, Hoxton, (Dec 8th) and “Tap” a new play by April Robinson in early 2019. 

★★★★ The Wee Review
★★★★ The Scotsman
★★★★ The Scottish Field
★★★★ Fringe Guru
★★★★ Edinburgh Review
“heart wrenching and beautifully performed” BBC Radio Scotland, Grant Stott 

Skye Lourie

Elsie Thatchwick is Skye Lourie’s debut play; she also plays the title character of Elsie. The show is inspired loosely on her own life experiences. Skye’s father is in a disability care home in New Zealand, after an accident when Skye was a baby. This show is dedicated to him.

Skye has mainly worked in television and film. Her acting credits include, (CH4) Pillars of the Earth, (BBC) Hard Sun, Hustle and Uncle. Films include, Farming, The Holding, The Facility, Slap and Tracks.


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Artistic Team
Skye Lourie
April Robinson
Skye Lourie
Everyone Else
Graeme Dalling

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