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Part of the Main in association with Theatre503 presents

Edinburgh Previews 2018: The Squirrel Plays

Written by Mia McCullough
Directed by Jessica Bickel-Barlow
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£10 Adult Standard


There’s only one thing you need to know about newlyweds Tom and Sarah: They are definitely not “squirrel people.” Not that they judge, of course.

So when they discover a critter in the attic, they’re faced with a marriage-testing decision: To exterminate, or not to exterminate?

But the squirrels aren’t only invading Tom and Sarah’s home. They’ve infested the whole neighborhood. This time, the issue doesn’t only tear Sarah and Tom apart.

It threatens the peace of an entire community.

The Squirrel Plays is produced by Part of the Main, a theatre company on a mission to increase the representation of women onstage. “No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main,” John Donne wrote. Our name reflects our belief that everyone, no matter their gender, is a crucial piece of the continent. We therefore strive to make them “a part of the main.”

Mia McCullough

Mia McCullough is an award-winning playwright (ATCA Obsorn Award, Julie Harris Playwriting Competition, Cincinnati Entertainment Award, Jeff Award) based in Chicago.  Her work has been produced at prestigious theatres such as Steppenwolf, San Diego Old Globe, Chicago Dramatists, and Stage Left. She taught playwriting and screenwriting at Northwestern University for ten years, and last year she published a book called Transforming Reality about the creative writing process. She wrote the first of The Squirrel Plays in 2005 and has been adding to it ever since. She has also been producing a web series, The Haven, which she wrote and created, inspired by many years working at a domestic violence shelter.


Artistic Team
Mia McCullough
Jessica Bickel-Barlow
Olivia Munk
Lighting Design
Jennifer Hurd
Stage Manager
Anne Mulleners
Amy Reitsma
Hugh Stubbins
Katherine Leyva
Bee Scott
Laufey Haralds

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