Reflection Theatre presents

Dee, Myself & I

With Post-Show Discussion*
Written by Women in Black Productions
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“It begins like any illness, not quite yourself that day.

A feeling deep inside you, saying something’s not ok.

A thought that just won’t budge, a feeling you can’t describe

With every passing moment, it eats you up inside.

Depression is bitch!”

Dee, Myself and I tells the story of Thea, a young woman who is struggling to cope with everyday life. Enter Dee.

Thea’s internal battle is played out before us as Dee tries to infiltrate and affect every area of her life

*Writer and Director Hasti Mobasser will be hosting a Q&A session following the performance. She will be joined by Stephanie Fynn, Rosie Murchison, Princess McDonnough and Roberta Barnor.

Women in Black Productions

Women In Black Productions was founded in 2016 by Stephanie Fynn and Princess McDonnough, with the aim of creating stage and screen jobs for BAME actors, especially women, putting them in lead roles. This year, writer Rosie Murchison joined the company and co-wrote Dee, Myself and I with Stephanie. They have now joined forces with Reflection Theatre to put on the production. This is the companies' debut show. Their goal is to take the production to theatre festivals next year.


Artistic Team
Women in Black Productions
Stephanie Fynn
Rosie Murchison
Roberta Barnor
Princess McDonnough
Stephanie Fynn
Ollie Richards
Praise for Reflection Theatre's 'The Next Placement'
Posted on 12 July 2017

Produced by Reflection Theatre, ‘Best of The Fest’ Winners at The International Youth Arts Festival 2017
"A performance by young people dealing with issues affecting young people, this play epitomises the purpose of the festival." - Fiona Maclean (London Unattached)

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