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Autistics Anonymous

Written by Stealth Aspies
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The Stealth Aspies are Britain’s only entirely autistic theatre company. Intimate and enlightening, their show explores autism in a light-hearted and truthful way, combining verbatim testimonies with original poetry, from those diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (aspies) and autism in later life.

You are invited to share a glimpse of real autistic subculture, starkly contrasting its media representation, presented through the lens of adults who live the autism experience every day. With words from a variety of diagnosed autistic adults taken directly from their real-life experiences, including the Stealth Aspies themselves and others.

‘The sense of community in the room is unmistakable – slang and inside jokes explode in a collective glee, and empathy buzzes in the air. Here no one need be anything other than themselves.’ ★★★★ A Younger Theatre

‘Recommended for anyone wanting to have a truer, more rounded appreciation of the nuances of the Autistic Spectrum.’ Disability Arts Online

Stealth Aspies

Stealth Aspies formed fully at the Autism Arts Festival 2016 when Paul Wady and Alain English were planning the project and met the remaining members at the UK's first Autistic Arts Festival at The Gulbenkian, Kent University. The company then did their first performances at Autistic Pride, Reading and Edinburgh Fringe in August of that year and have performed at Fringe festivals and educational festivals since, including Brighton Fringe, Edinburgh, Manchester Met Arts Festival, Leicester Medical School medical day, and will be performing at the second Autism Arts Festival in Kent in April of this year.

The Stealth Aspies are:

Janine Booth - London-based published poet, performer, autism trainer and writer (specialising in autism and employment issues), marxist and part of the team responsible for the Labour Party's first Neurodiversity Manifesto.

Alain English - London-based actor, published poet, artist-in-residence at The Tea House Theatre, Vauxhall and also a trainer for support workers in how to work with autistic people and people diagnosed with Aspergers.

Sarah Saeed - Brighton-based actress, performer and singer (mezzo-soprano) with a background in comedy performance, running comedy nights and also doing stage/theatre production. Sarah has performed since childhood (first Edinburgh Fringe at age 9) and has a BA Hons in Performance Studies (many years ago now) gigged for several years as comic opera singing alter-ego Marianna Harlotta and founded and runs Lava Elastic, the UK's first openly Neurodiverse (not just performers on the spectrum) comedy, poetry and performance night in Brighton

Paul Wady - co-founder of Stealth Aspies, writer of Guerilla Aspies and the accompanying one-person show, actor, autism activist and trainer with the National Autistic Society

And last but not least the youngest company member, actress Hannah Yahya Hassan, who has a BA in Theatre Studies and English Literature, and was recently accepted into the Scottish Youth Theatres National ensemble. In addition to this since graduating Hannah has done some work with Graeae and Ramps on the Moon'

Most company members got their diagnoses of Autism or Aspergers later in the life, with the exception of Hannah who is still in her twenties'


Artistic Team
Stealth Aspies
Alain English
Janine Booth
Paul Wady
Hannah Yahya Hassan
Sarah Saeed

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