'I like talking to people. I find it makes them smile.'

Written by Helena Westerman
Directed by Caroline Simonsen
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Two strangers meet at a bus stop. Living amidst the chaos of London, both struggle with what is expected of them as a man, as a woman, and where they fit into society. Set solely at the bus stop, Leila and Martin begin to consider, if we allow ourselves to connect to others, a stranger’s perspective of the world can give more clarity on our own.

Helena Westerman

Helena Westerman is a London based actor, working in both film and theatre. An Act of Kindness is her writing debut. She was mentored by Max Elton (Big Brother Blitzkrieq), and Jonathan Guy Lewis (I Found My Horn, Our Boys).


Artistic Team
Helena Westerman
Caroline Simonsen
Rascal Theatre
Assistant Producer
Courtney Chapman
Robert Hayes
Martin Shaw
Robert Hayes
Leila Stone
Helena Westerman
Review: AN Act of Kindness at the Unicorn Theatre
Posted on 4 December 2016

An Act of Kindness, written by Helena Westerman, is a two-hander with Westerman herself playing 22-year-old bohemian free-spirit Leila, and Robert Hayes as businessman and alpha male Martin. The entirety of the play is set at the bus stop where they first meet, and as their accidental meetings continue, their trust in one another grows. An Act of Kindness explores gender roles in one of world’s supposedly most diverse and accepting cities, London, and how they affect all of us in some way.

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