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Theatre503 and 65% Theatre present

About Money

Part of 503Resets
Written by Eliza Gearty
Directed by Alex Kampfner
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“Sometimes, when a jabberwocky gets right up close, for too long, it gets hard to fight anymore. You can fight and fight but sometimes you just canny win.”

Fast food worker Shaun is your average eighteen year old boy. He likes music, video games and getting stoned. He’s also the sole carer to his eight year old sister, Sophie. But without enough money for child-care, and under pressure from an unsympathetic boss, he’s forced to make decisions that could have devastating consequences.

About Money is the debut play by Glasgow-based playwright Eliza Gearty. Drawn from interviews with young kinship carers and fast food workers, and inspired by Gearty’s own involvement with the McStrikes of 2018, this Glasgow-based drama is about family, love and friendship, in a world where the need for money threatens to destabilize all three.

65% Theatre is an international female-led theatre company based in London. Our international team makes multilingual theatre in different languages, such as English, Spanish and French. This allows us to break down cultural barriers and gain a deeper insight into the stories we are telling.

About Money is a Co-Production between Theatre503 and 65% Theatre.

Runtime: Approx 60 mins

Trigger warning: This show contains Strobe lighting effects and Flashing lights. If you are affected by this please email us at and we’ll be in contact about how we can make this performance accessible to you.

Eliza Gearty

Eliza Gearty is a writer, community worker and playwright based in Glasgow. Her novella, On The Doors, was published in 2018 by Speculative Books. She is a graduate of the Soho Young Writers Lab. About Money is her first full-length play.


Artistic Team
Eliza Gearty
Alex Kampfner
Jake Curran Pipe and Emily Hamilton
Lighting Designer
Rajiv Pattani
Sound Designer
Duncan Gallagher
Movement Director
Sean Hollands
Stage Manager
Jia Ying Lim
Emma Tracey
Michael McCardie
Matthew Boyle
Isabele Derosa
Rohit Kumar

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