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503Studio: Can I Write Outside My Experience?

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503 Studio Open Talks: Can I Write Outside My Experience?

Often the first advice a writer will be given is to “write what you know”. We often find the most impactful stories we read and develop to full production are the ones that come from a very personal perspective and set of experiences, that help us see the world in a different light. However, a writer’s background shouldn’t necessarily define what they write or are expected to write. They are only limited by the scope of their imagination. On the other hand, are there stories that can – or should – only be written by someone from a background that can accurately reflect the world we are being shown?

Theatre503’s Open Talks are Pay What You Can, thanks to Arts Council England’s Emergency Grant and our Share The Drama scheme.

If you would like to discuss any access requirements and how we can accommodate them, prior to booking, please get in touch with us.

Running time: 2 hours online


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