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Rapid Write Response: The Fairytale Revolution

Written by RWR Writers
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Seven writers, seven directors, seven short responses to Louise Beresford & Anna Spearpoint’s Christmas Panto – curated by Jon Brittain. (+14 contains adult language and themes)

Rapid Write Response: Wendy’s Awfully Big Adventure Free Sheet

Previous participants include Andrew Thompson, the winner of our 2016 Playwriting Award (In Event of Moone Disaster), Anna Jordan (Yen, Royal Exchange Manchester, Royal Court & Broadway), Stuart Slade (BU21, Theatre503 & West End), Chris Urch (Land of Our Fathers, Theatre503, West End & 2 national tours) & Vinay Patel (writer of the BAFTA award winning Murdered by My Father).

More information about how to get involved in Rapid Write Response can be found here 

RWR Writers

Conor Powell - Wand's Worth
Kelly Jones - Merry F**king Christmas Kids
Katie Redford - Christmas Wings
Vicky Richards - A Very Christmas Union
Rosie Bilton - Beyond Neverland
Isabelle Kassam - Your Golden Hair
Momo Hansch - Lickdispopia


Artistic Team
RWR Writers
Jon Brittain
Bethany Cooper
Frankie Greig
Director - Wand's Worth
Roberta Zuric
Director - A Very Christmas Union
James Callàs Ball
Director - Lickdispopia
Sam Gaffney
Director - Your Golden Hair
Ian Nicholson
Director - Merry F**cking Christmas Kids
Lisa Diveney
Director - Christmas Wings
Adam Lenson
Director - Beyond Neverland
Matt Strachan
Wand's Worth - Aladdin
Shamir Dawood
Wand's Worth - Goldie
Charlie Bateman
Wand's Worth - Jasmin
Yvonne Grundy
Wand's Worth - Narrator
Richard Stranks
A Very Christmas Union - Elfie
Jamie-Rose Monk
A Very Christmas Union - Wicked Witch
Kerrie Thomason
A Very Christmas Union - Rapunzel
Tessa Bonham Jones
Lickdispopia - Highwayman
James Messer
Lickdispopia - Bakers Wife
Alice Melton
Lickdispopia - Baker
Oriana Buckland
Your Golden Hair - Rapunzel
Georgie Dusuys
Merry F**cking Christmas Kids - A
Laura Dalgleish
Merry F**cking Christmas Kids - B
Jessica Chamberlain
Merry F**cking Christmas Kids - C
Jordan Bern
Merry F**cking Christmas Kids - Ron
Sid Sagar
Merry F**cking Christmas Kids - Cameraman
Patrick Harris
Christmas Wings - Fran
Avita Jay
Christmas Wings - Joe
Ryan Whittle
Christmas Wings - Miss Pear
Lucy Thackeray
Christmas Wings - Mike
Jamie McKie
Beyond Neverland
Richard Stranks
Beyond Neverland
Oriana Buckland
Beyond Neverland
Jessica Townsley
Beyond Neverland
Carolina Grierson

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