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Theatre503 and Chocolate Films present

503Live: The Boys Are Kissing

Written by Zak Zarafshan
Directed by Lisa Spirling
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This is the event page for the DIGITAL STREAM of THE BOYS ARE KISSING. For the live performance event page, please click here (please note that the live performance run has now ended).

When two 9-year-old boys kiss in the school playground of a small town, two sets of parents are told to ‘do something about it’ – but neither of them are entirely sure what.

Amira is sending inclusive children’s books to the school library, whilst her wife Chloe dreams of a kitchen island. Sarah is trying her best not to upset the Mum WhatsApp group, and her husband Matt just really wants to do the right thing – as soon as he can work out what that is. Luckily, here to guide our helpless humans are two cherubic winged guardians of the gays, summonsed to attend to a disturbance in the queer atmos and intervene only where strictly necessary… but where’s the fun in being an ethereal being if you can’t drop in and cause a scene wearing latex?

A riotous comedy about angelic intervention, children’s birthday parties gone sour, and whether it ever really is “just about the children”, THE BOYS ARE KISSING is written by 503Five 2019-20 alumni Zak Zarafshan, and directed by Theatre503’s Artistic Director, Lisa Spirling.

Running time: 2 hours 15 mins (including an interval)

Age guidance: 14+

Content information: This show contains themes that some audience members may find distressing. If this sounds like it could apply to you, you can view Content Information here or the full Care Pack here.

If you purchase a ticket for 503Live: The Boys Are Kissing, you will receive the link to watch this recording by the morning of Tuesday 7th March.  The link will be available to watch from 7:30pm on Tuesday 7th March and for 1 month following this – however, you can only purchase a ticket up until 7pm on 7th March.

This live recording is brought to you in partnership with Chocolate Films, an award-winning video production company with a clear social purpose.








Zak Zarafshan

Zak Zarafshan is a British-Iranian playwright and screenwriter from the East Midlands, based in London. His debut play, THE BOYS ARE KISSING, was developed as part of Theatre503’s Writers In Residence scheme, the 503Five. He was previously a part of the Soho Theatre Writers Lab, Tamasha Playwrights Group, and was shortlisted for Channel 4’s 4Stories scheme. Alongside writing, he works in television drama, helping other writers develop original dramas for the screen.


Artistic Team
Zak Zarafshan
Lisa Spirling
Aldo Vazquez
Lighting Designer
Jo Underwood
Sound Designer
Calum Perrin
Movement Director
Mateus Daniel
Associate Director
Len Gwyn
Costume Supervisor
Malena Arcucci
Dialect Coach
Marianne Samuels
Casting Director
Emily Jones
Production Manager
Tabitha Piggott
Stage Manager
Summer Keeling
Rehearsal Room Stage Manager
Rose Hockaday
Assistant Stage Manager on Placement
Rebecca Elsey
Sound Programmer/Access Support
Wilkie Morrison
Nancy Poole
Ceri Lothian
Assistant Producer
Tsipora St. Clair Knights
Seyan Sarvan
Eleanor Wyld
Amy McAllister
Philip Correia
Shane Convery
Kishore Walker

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Audience Reviews
Adventurous in form and so entertaining
The Guardian
Zarafshan’s writing feels fresh and intelligent. He is an emerging talent whom we can expect to excel
The Stage
thought-provoking and eventually rather touching, but most of all, it's great fun

A joyful piece of queer theatre. Every parent should see this
London Pub Theatres
With pungent realism and humour, Zarafshan manages to create a set of characters as believable and deeply faulted as humans.
The Upcoming

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