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Screens twitter Q&A with writer, Stephen Laughton




@Theatre503: Welcome @STEPHENLAUGHT0N Lets get stuck in, you’ve written upcoming #Screens503. Tell us, is there an element that this is autobiographical?


@STEPHENLAUGHT0N: @theatre503 1/2…Well I’m Cypriot myself and the three main characters are loosely based on my mum, my sister and me,


@STEPHENLAUGHT0N: @theatre503 2/2 …but we have no dead cats or any of that other violent stuff. I did go on a @Grindr date in a service station though…


@Theatre503: @STEPHENLAUGHT0N wow that’s fascinating. And for those of us who don’t know, can you give some context about the Turkish- Cypriot conflict?


@STEPHENLAUGHT0N: @theatre503 1/3 In short: Peace for hundreds of years. Britain gets involved. F*** things up. A partition is drawn. Ouch.


@STEPHENLAUGHT0N: @theatre503 2/3 In long – its complicated but revolves around Greek Cypriots wanting unification with Greece that Turkish Cypriots didn’t


@STEPHENLAUGHT0N: @theatre503 (extra!) That one side might say liberated Cyprus, the other might say invaded… Still to this day it’s a stalemate…


@STEPHENLAUGHT0N: @theatre503 3/3 violence (both sides) intensifies until Turkey launches a response.


@Theatre503: @STEPHENLAUGHT0N You’ve been re-writing the play since Brexit, how has modern politics had an impact on this?


@STEPHENLAUGHT0N: @theatre503 1/ 2This whole refugee thing has suddenly become really hot again right? I mean the whole world has gone mad lately…


@STEPHENLAUGHT0N: @theatre503 2/ 2 So its interesting to see how the refugee crisis has been reshaping a play I started 3 years ago.


@ STEPHENLAUGHT0N: @theatre503 (extra!) especially some of those scarier voices….


@Theatre503: @STEPHENLAUGHT0N Speaking of a play you started 3 years ago. This began as a playwrought at @arcolatheatre. How has it developed since then?


@ STEPHENLAUGHT0N: @theatre503 so Brexit become really important to the family we’re explroing. Especially when Emine is told to eff off back to Syria


@ STEPHENLAUGHT0N: @theatre503 @arcolatheatre 1/3 We lost a Dani and an Andy. Gained a Ben. Ismet changed sex to become Emine (he didn’t transition!)


@ STEPHENLAUGHT0N: @theatre503 @arcolatheatre 2/3 We lost Bob Dylan but gained Brexit.The last year has been a political minefield and I’ve made sure that..



@ STEPHENLAUGHT0N: @theatre503 @arcolatheatre 3/3 …@Screens503 reflects that. It has this hyper modern backdrop, so it has to stay current.


@Theatre503: @STEPHENLAUGHT0N So what inspired you originally to write this play?


@ STEPHENLAUGHT0N: @theatre503 1/3 I’ve been exploring identity for a while-I’m Cypriot, Jewish, Gay, British and sometimes don’t feel like I fit in anywhere


@ STEPHENLAUGHT0N: @theatre503 2/3 Meanwhile there’s this dead cat just left in Stoke Newington all summer and that felt like a really interesting theme.


@ STEPHENLAUGHT0N: @theatre503 3/3 And then I went on a Grindr date in a service station and all these ideas smashed together on my drive back home!


@Theatre503: @STEPHENLAUGHT0N Social media plays a big part in the story. Tell us about the characters relationship of social media in the play.


@ STEPHENLAUGHT0N: @theatre503 1/4 Al has found Grindr and all the madness therein-he’s also a bit@PokemonGoApp obsessed. Ayse is a bit of an instagram celeb


@ STEPHENLAUGHT0N: @theatre503 2/3 and loves that persona. And it all feels crucial in us discovering who they are.


@ STEPHENLAUGHT0N: @theatre503 3/4 So the social media both instigates and bombards the action…and then it turns out to be kind of their undoing..


@ STEPHENLAUGHT0N: @theatre503 4/4 … and then emerges as massively integral to the whole play. So pay attention!


@Theatre503: @STEPHENLAUGHT0N And finally, to finish off this fabulous Q&A, tell us what can audiences expect when coming to #Screens503?


@ STEPHENLAUGHT0N: @theatre503 1/3 Sooo…apart from 6 foot penises and dead cats. There’s love. Loss. Violence. Social media bombardment. Amazing performances


@ STEPHENLAUGHT0N: @theatre503 2/3 Super hot design. There’s multi-platform projection. So video stuff and the social media bombardment. A killer soundtrack.


@ STEPHENLAUGHT0N: @theatre503 3/3 And it’s all skilfully pulled together in the hands of the very talented and really quite lovely Cressida Brown…


@ STEPHENLAUGHT0N: @theatre503 (plus) I’ll be there most nights, so grab me for a beer! See you there…


@STEPHENLAUGHT0N Well it sounds like it’s going to be a fantastic production! Don’t miss #Screens503, 10 Aug- 3 Sep…