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Meet the team

Artistic Director  – Lisa Spirling

Executive Director  - Andrew Shepherd

Producer and Head of Marketing - Jessica Campbell

Office Manager – Anna De Freitas

Literary Manager – Steve Harper

Literary Coordinators – Lauretta Barrow, Nika Obydzinski

Senior Readers – Kate Brower, Rob Young

Young Creative Leaders Project Manager – Louise Abbotts

Resident Assistant Producers – Bridget Rudder, Audrey Thayer

Intern - Hannah Miller

Volunteer Coordinators – Serafina Cusack & Simon Mander

Associate Directors –  Jonathan O’Boyle, Anna Jordan, Tom Littler

503Five Writers - Ella Greenhill, Brian Mullin, Neasa O’Callaghan, Vinay Patel, Chloe Todd-Fordham

Theatre503′s Board – Erica Whyman (Chair), Royce Bell, Chris Campbell, Kay Ellen Consolver, Ben Hall, Eleanor Lloyd, Marcus Markou, Geraldine Sharpe-Newton, Jack Tilbury, Roy Williams

Theatre503′s Spotlight Members Gregory Dunlap, Stephane Knauf, Georgia Oetker, Francesca Ortona, Katherine Malcolm, Sumintra Latchman

Theatre503′s Limelight Member Geraldine Sharpe-Newton

To contact any of the team, please e-mail or call 020 7978 7040. This email is checked daily.

For all Press enquiries please contact Chloe at Chloe Nelkin Consulting on   020 7434 7204  or by emailing


Theatre503 would not be successful without the amazing support we receive from our dedicated team of volunteers:

Kelly Agredo, Rosie Akerman, Chidimma Chukwu, Rahim Dhanji, Bethany Doherty, Mark Doherty, Rob Ellis, Fabienne Gould, James Hansen, Tess Hardy, Tom Hartwell, Ken Hawes, Joanna Lallay, George Linfield, Nicole Marie, Charlotte Mulliner, Mike Murgaz, Mandy Nicholls, Annabel Pemberton, Damian Robertson, Larner Taylor, Andrei Vornicu, Danielle Wilson, Alice Mason, Celia Garcia, Chidi Chukwu, Dominic Jones, Elena Valentine, Funto Ojumu, Imogen Robertson, Isla Coutler, Jim Manneruing, Joe Akerman, Kyle Forman, Lucy Atkins, Lucy Grudniewicz, Maya Kirtley, Mike Bale, Mike Mcgarry, Nicole Bartlett, Reeta Sood, Rhiannon Savell, Stuart Quinn, Tobias Chapple, Valeria Bello, Valeria Carboni, Valeria Montesano, Vanessa Garcia, Anna Middlemass, Kirsten Pouckmaster, Nathalie Czarecli, Rob Ellis, Emily Jones, & Celia Lily.

Theatre503 is also grateful for the generous support of our donors:

Philip and Chris Carne, Cas Donald, Gregory Dunlop, Angela Hyde-Courtney and the Audience Club, Stephanie Knauf, Sumintra Latchman, Katherine Malcom, Georgia Oetker, Francesca Ortona, & Geraldine Sharpe-Newton.

If you would like to become a volunteer please email