Please do read these guidelines before submitting your script. This guidance is for writers only – if you are a producer, company or other independent artist wanting to find out about our programming policy (which is closely aligned) please click here.

We are interested in reading scripts from any writer who is yet to have a full-length play of more than 65 minutes produced professionally for 4 weeks or more in any theatre. We apply this criteria to all script submissions: Unsolicited, Playwriting Award, Rapid Write Response and the 503Five.

We accept unsolicited scripts from UK based writers only, but the 503 International Playwriting Award runs every two years and accepts entries from all over the world.

With the exception of Rapid Write Response submissions, we only consider full-length scripts (more than 60 minutes in playing time).

There is no ideal ‘503 play’…We want to discover stories in close conversation with our times, from voices we haven’t heard before, that makes us see the world anew. Don’t be limited by the scale of your ambition – we once landed the first person on Mars and she “floated up to the ceiling and was held like a balloon”. Just tell the story you’ve been burning to see on the stage. We want to surprise, invigorate and entertain our audience, we celebrate bold theatricality, emotional connection and plays that provoke the mind.

All scripts must be submitted via the online portal on our website.

On submission, you will receive an automatic email receipt.

After an initial assessment, all plays we decide to take forward will be read by at least two Theatre503 readers. These scripts will then be discussed at our monthly readers’ meetings, and those with potential for production, or writers we would like to develop a relationship with, are identified. Those scripts will then be considered by our senior reading team.

We aim to get back to you with an outcome on your script within four to six months, but during busy times – such as the Playwriting Award – this may take much longer.

We regret that we are unable to offer feedback as standard on all plays. However, we aim to communicate the outcome of the process concerning all submissions to writers, and some feedback, or ongoing communication may be embarked upon at the theatre’s discretion.

We only accept one script at a time. If we have decided not to take your script forward, please understand that we are not very likely to read another draft, unless specific feedback has been given to that end.

For all other enquiries please contact us on: literary@theatre503.com