Theatre503 in association with The Sleeping Trees

Cinderella and the Beanstalk

by The Sleeping Trees
05 Dec — 05 Jan

Daisy Hale and Kate O’Connor in association with Theatre503 present…


by Víctor Sánchez Rodríguez (Translated by William Gregory)
23 Jan — 16 Feb

There Is A Field

by Martin Askew
20 Feb — 16 Mar

Theatre503 Presents...


by Ross Willis
20 Mar — 13 Apr

Damsel Productions in association with Theatre503 presents

The Amber Trap

by Tabitha Mortiboy
24 Apr — 18 May

Tobi Kyeremateng and BadBreed in association with Theatre503 presents


by Yasmin Joseph
29 May — 22 Jun

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