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TWP Spring 24: Adaptation: From Page to Stage

Chronic Insanity and Theatre503 presents


by Joe Strickland

Who What Where Productions and Theatre503 Presents

i just like you | a gay myth

by Zachary Wilcox
23 Feb — 24 Feb

TWP Spring 24: From Playwriting to Writing Musicals

Jack Brownridge-Kelly and Theatre503 presents

Cold, Dark Matters

by Jack Brownridge-Kelly
27 Feb — 28 Feb

TWP Spring 24: Being Fearless: Maintaining Boldness in our Work

Hannah Petch and Theatre503 Presents

Water Baby

by Hannah Petch

White Noise Theatre and Theatre503 Presents


by Tiggy Bayley
08 Mar — 09 Mar

TWP Spring 24: Using Time as a Narrative Tool

Henry Roberts and Theatre503 presents

Close Enough to Touch

by Henry Roberts
12 Mar — 13 Mar

The warmest of welcomes to Theatre503

We are the home of new writers and a launchpad for the artists who bring their words to life. At our heart is a desire to find extraordinary new voices, match them with brilliant people and support the journey of their idea to the stage.

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